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Initial Cleaning / Pre-Construction Cleaning


~ All Cabinets inside and out

~ All counter-tops dust free

~ Baseboards dust free

~All hard flooring surfaces cleaned

~Initial Vacuum

~Window inside ceils and top window base/locks cleaned

~Window initial clean inside

~Bathtubs, Toilets, and Sinks cleaned

~Surface dust removal

Final Cleaning / Post Construction Cleaning

Post Punch

~ Repeat all of Initial Cleaning

~ Inside and Outside (if they open to the inside) of windows - streak free

~Wet floor Shine on all hard flooring surfaces

~Silver Polish all appliances, sinks and faucets

~Threshold, kick-plate and tracks of doors

~ All Counter-Tops streak free

~Light Fixtures inside and outside

~Ceiling Fans

~Switch Plates and Outlet Covers

~Utility Closet equipment/ washer and dryer - if applicable


~Final Shine on all Steel and facets

~Wet Floor Shine damp mop application

~Final vacuum / Marks

~Final streak free clean all surfaces

~ Air Neutralizer

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